Donation Policy

Little Crane Cafe believes strongly in giving back to and supporting our community. Because the number of requests made for donations exceed our giving capacity, we support fundraisers that pertain to the following only:

  • Youth Education and Athletics

  • Environmental Conservation Organizations

  • Human Services

  • Humanitarian Relief Supplies


If you are raising money for an organization or cause that falls into one of the categories listed above, please provide us with a completed Community Donation Request Form at least 3 weeks prior to your event.  Late or incomplete forms can result in a delay in the review process.

Please note Little Crane Cafe does not make donations to or for:

  • Organizations lacking proof of 501(c)(3) status

  • Conferences, seminars or reunions

  • Donations in return for advertising

  • Online auctions

  • Corporate or Team Sponsorships

  • Individuals seeking personal aid

  • Monetary Donations

  • Fundraisers outside Juneau County


Thank You,
Andrea Lea and Terry Parrish
Little Crane Cafe